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Mens Twisted X Buckaroo Boot

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Mens Twisted X Buckaroo Boot

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The Men’s Twisted X Buckaroo boot 16″ U Toe has been designed to give you comfort and function. The last(a form used to make the boot) used to produce the Twisted X boots was developed by one of the top podiatrist in the US to be the most supportive and best wearing boot on the market today.* Foot: Rust * Top: Olive * Toe: U toe * Insole: Cowboy Comfort Footbed: Machine washable, antibacterial, moisture wicking footbed. * XSD Insole: Flexible one-piece insole with integrated composite sandwich shank for maximum stability. * Midsole: Prime leather midsole * Outsole: 50K Outsole * Heel: Attached long base with Spur Ridge 4″

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